Più di cento anni di storia in Firenze









The history



Bianchi’s studio has origins, traditions and artistic knowledge that go back to the beginning of the 20th century. At Busoni’s workshop located in Via Maggio, in the city centre of Florence, used to work Altero Bianchi, the son-in-law of Romeo Busoni. Here, carving,décor, paintings and restorations of antique works of art were performed. In 1956 Altero, with his son Riccardo opened their own studio close to the Cathedral of Florence performing high quality art reproductions. In 1961 Art Master Riccardo opened his own business giving it an international exposure and managing to export products appreciated all over the world. In 1983 the company moved in via Adriano Cecioni 54 56, Florence, at these days premises of “Bianchi Dipinti”. Riccardo’s daughters Silvia and Gianna, both graduates of the Institute of Arts in Florence, joined the family business in 1985 bringing additional expertise and improving the quality of the work. In 1994 Fabrizio, Silvia’s husband, expert in finishing and restoration of antique works of art, was employed in the company. In 2010 Bianchi Dipinti di Fabrizio Bogani e Silvia Bianchi was set, their expertise handed on from past generations is such to fulfil any request.