Più di cento anni di storia in Firenze



Examples of restoration




In our laboratory every year you perform a course in painting and art of aging, aimed at students of American University SACI Studio Art Center International. In restoration, other than the scientific knowledge of materials, one must show ability to paint as well as the manual skills for exactly reproducing missing parts. For specific works we collaborate our painting and technological experience with leading professionals,allowing us to quote and restore paintings (and frames) on canvas, wood, copper, paper, glass. These are some simple examples of restored paintings, some of our important work we can not publish for internal reasons. 





Landscape of Luigi Bertelli (1833-1916)

Consolidation canvas, cleaning and painting restoration. 








The cut in this modern painting has been repaired using a thermosetting adhesive and subsequent cleanup. 



Madonna '600 unknown author

The painting has been relined with vegetable pasta, restoration painting was executed in tempera and patterned finish with varnish colors..      







We restored this important subject painted on canvas. 

It has been put on a new canvas glued with vegetable glue.

The pictorical restauration has been made,first with tempera colours and then with varnish colours.




The painting has been painted on a folding cupper, varnished with acrilic resin just became yellow.

The cupper has been levelled and the painting cleaned and velled with varnish colours. 





The painting has been put on a new canvas. We made this with a vegetable glue and, after a first coat

of tempera clours, it has been finished with vernish clours.